Singapore Workshop on a Japanese Performing Arts Resource Center
シンガポール シンポジウム ・日本舞台芸術リソースセンター
June 24-26, 2005
National University of Singapore

Generously funded by The Japan Foundation

Individual Presentation Abstract

Reusable Interfaces for Reusable Archives: Providing Multimedia Access to Cross-Cultural Digital Collections in the Performing Arts

Liz Dreyer, Gertrude Stein Repertory Theatre

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The GloPAC approach to digital collections is to separate the archival database (GloPAD) from subject-specific or audience-specific access sites (GloPARC).  This allows us to create a variety of innovative interface designs that can be applied to multiple "views" of the underlying content, including undergraduate / graduate courses, institutional web sites, or subject-focused sites (e.g. a general-audience site focused on Noh material.) 

In order to make this approach more valuable for a variety of educators, scholars, and institutions, we are developing a reusable toolkit of web-based interfaces that can be leveraged to create new "PARCs" without requiring significant technological investment.  We'll outline the architecture and demonstrate examples of the interfaces described.

Gertrude Stein Repertory Theatre (GSRT) is a theater company based in NYC. Our mission is to promote and support innovation in the performing arts, work internationally to shake up the creative environment, use innovative technology as a tool for encouraging innovation in form and process. Our audiences are primarily performing arts professionals, K-12, undergraduate, and graduate students in the performance arts. GSRT is a founding member and consultant to GloPAC

We are developing concepts and templates for public facilities (PARCs): interfaces to allow educators, curators, and others to pull material from the GloPAC database and present them in audience-specific environments.

From our perspective, it's important to distinguish clearly between the various goal and objectives of GloPAC-related projects. In the GloPAC scheme of things, there are two fundamentally different kinds of initiatives, with very different focuses: 1) the objective of a GloPAD (Performing Arts Database) initiative is to collect and digitize items from a specific performing arts collection, including the essential archival information associated with each item. The primary goal is preservation. 2) t he objective of a GloPARC (Performing Arts Resource Center) is to enhance the value of that material by making it more interesting and accessible to a wider range of audiences, including students, artists, and the general public. The goal is education, enlightenment, entertainment.

GSRT is working with GloPAC to develop a comprehensive “PARC Builder” facility. The PARC Builder will consist of an integrated series of tools that make it easier to create a variety of different kinds of PARCs for different audiences. Each tool represents a different interface to PAD assets and data. The interfaces are designed to assist PARC authors to achieve their pedagogical goals, explicate and dramatize specialized topics, and provide context to GloPAD content. The PARC Builder tools, like GloPAD, are under construction. However, GSRT has developed a number of proto-PARC facilities and concepts. In the following PowerPoint presentation are some examples.

GSRT PARC presentation, June 24, 2005 (large file; will take time to download!)


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