Singapore Workshop on a Japanese Performing Arts Resource Center
シンガポール シンポジウム ・日本舞台芸術リソースセンター
June 24-26, 2005
National University of Singapore

Generously funded by The Japan Foundation

Individual Presentation Abstract

Performing Arts Online: Models of Performing Arts Resource Sites

Ann Ferguson, GloPAC Associate Director, University of Washington

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The advent of new technologies has spawned a host of digital projects that support the study and research of the performing arts. The scope and scholarly value of these digital resources vary tremendously. The aim of my presentation is to examine a selection of the most interesting projects in an effort to provide potential models as we develop plans for a Japanese Performing Arts Resource Center .  

In general, these performing arts related digital resources employ new technologies for one or more of the following purposes: 

1. To make scholarly research widely available in a searchable electronic form

--Example: The Patrons and Performance Database -- draws on content from the scholarly print editions of The Records of Early English Drama  

--Example: The Atlantic Canada Theatre Site --an academically-refereed site which publishes primary research materials related to Canadian theatre history.

2. To provide wider access to performing arts collections  

--Example: Performing Arts in America 1875-1923 --a searchable database of 16,000 objects, representing archival materials from the NYPL collections.  

--Example: The Ringling Collection --a searchable database of a collection of cabinet cards, postcards and photographs of 19th Century American and British actors.    

3. To create an integrated active learning environment for teachers and students:

--Example: Virtual Vaudeville --the recreation of an historical performance in a virtual reality environment with accompanying multimedia scholarly material.

--Example: Hamlet on the Ramparts --interactive site which features texts, images, and film relevant to Hamlet's first encounter with the Ghost; also includes detailed lesson plans, guides and commentary.

--Example: Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare --“an integrated virtual learning, teaching, and research commons devoted to the study of Shakespeare in Canada .”  

The structure and intellectual underpinnings of these resources are shaped by their varying purposes. I hope that by looking at a cross section of these projects, it will stimulate our thinking about the structure(s) that we would like to see in a Japanese Performing Arts Resource Center . In addition, I will demonstrate some particular features of these sites including interactive maps and timelines, 3D modeling, and multi-media annotated texts, to provide ideas for specific elements that we might incorporate into our learning resource center.

Ann Ferguson, University of Washington Libraries

Additional sites and their links

Midsummer Nights Dream in Japan
A multimedia examination of three parallel productions of The
of The Shakespeare Theatre's A Midsummer Night's Dream, all directed by
Deguchi Norio at the Tokyo Globe in 1994

Development of Scenic Spectacle

Timeline of Art History, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Joseph Urban Set Models; Columbia University

Greek Comedy in Performance

American Variety Stage, Library of Congress

Interactive Shakespeare Project

Scenery Collections Database

Hungarian Contemporary Database


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